Sunday, 18 January 2015

Socially awkward?

I've now been in my job for 4 months (it feels a lot longer than that) haha, but even though it was a rocky start and I must say it's not the funnest of jobs and there's been some down sides to it but there's also been a couple of good things about it. For one, it's helping me a LOT with my confidence. As you probably are aware of I can be quite a shy person sometimes when it comes to speaking with people I don't know or sometimes I'm quite awkward at socialising if I don't feel comfortable around people. But one thing I've noticed about this job is that it's slowly making me become more of a 'people person'. I'm not saying all my low confidence has gone because it definitely hasn't but I can see that slowly I'm feeling okay with talking to random people and that I don't feel so 'shy' I guess around them, I mean with this job that I have (working in a bakery shop) you can't really be shy, you've got to talk to customers and things like that. One of the reasons I wanted this kind of job was that I knew it would force me to become more sociable which is what I wanted and I knew a job like this would help me do that. I still get a little awkward sometimes around people which is just something natural that happens to me but I'm learning to sort of control that now and just force myself to approach people. Honestly, I really don't like approaching people if I don't know them because I feel like i'm bothering them! But even though I'm still not keen on doing it at least I know now that I feel better about doing it and that actually it's not so scary haha!
I think over all I'm used to distancing myself from people in general and I forgot how to socialise normally which has made me become less confident but now that I'm always being surrounded by a lot of people It's all coming back to me and even though sometimes I get a bit anxious about doing things like this I feel like I'm doing a lot better at it.
Hope you all had a lovely weekend!

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