Monday, 8 December 2014

Bicester Village Shopping Trip

Evening everyone!
I've just got back from a lovely day spent in Bicester village, It was my friends birthday yesterday so we went on a little shopping trip. If you don't know Bicescter Village it's just a 'village' with some designer shops. Okay, So I have never bought anything designer in my life and honestly I am never fussed if an item of clothing is designer or if it's high street end. If i'm completely honest I don't really like spending hundreds on a piece of clothing where as I know some people prefer that but for me I love purchasing things from the high street. We had fun just strolling in and out designer shops and imagining all the things we could buy if we ever won the lottery. 

We first got some breakfast at one of the loveliest/cosiest Starbucks I've been to, It felt like we were In France in one of those cute little French huts. 

We pretty much went in almost every shop. It all looked so pretty with the Christmas lights and the decorations.

I ended up getting a couple of things from a couple of shops, nothing very pricey but it felt fun to sort of 'flash' your bags around feeling like your a celebrity with your Items you purchased from the designer shops. 

This top I purchased was only £10, they had some really good sales on. I didn't try it on but when I first saw it, it looks really comfy and cosy and I loved the stripes. 

I then really adore this peachy colour and thought that would be really cute to wear in the summer. This was £20 which isn't too bad at all. 

Then after walking round for a couple of hours we were starting to feel hungry and found this lovely Italian restaurant. Our waitress was really friendly and the food was delicious! 

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