Thursday, 4 December 2014

Primark/Christmas Themed Haul

I went and did a bit of shopping the other day, well I say a 'bit' y'know a bit and then some...
The main reason I went shopping was to buy presents for other people, of course I come back home having only bought one present and then the rest was for me but hey, I blame Primark for that! I came into the shop thinking that it was one of the small/not so great stores but oh no this one went on and on, obviously not as big as the london one but this one was pretty big. Soo, thought you may like to see what I treated myself to? A lot of it is Christmas themed, I'm a sucker for Christmas themed clothes which seems to have started of as a bit of a trend in the last couple of years.

I am sorry in advanced that I can't quite remember the prices of these Items because I have torn of the labels. I first spotted this Jumper which has shiny sequense on it, at first I wasn't so sure if I liked it or not but I saw this light grey shade and It reminded me of Christmas and it looked cosy so i went and put it in my shopping bag. And may I say having warn it a few times since buying it, it's really cosy and comfy to wear and it keeps you warm too!

I then needed some new trousers/leggings and noticed these which I really liked when I first saw them. I didn't think I would ever go for high wasted jeans I don't know why I guess I just never felt brave enough? But I find these really comfy and I loved the colour and pattern. 

At the corner of my eye I noticed a whole section of Christmas leggings, I thought these were adorable with the cute little penguines and the hearts. 

I then thought this cardigan was super cute, I loved the patters and the colours.

Now I don't normally wear gloves but I just thought the snowman gloves were adorble! I wasn't so sure on the seal gloves at first but they're special gloves for when you use your phone and they were only £2 or around that so I just went ahead with them, they had different animals ones but these felt more simple and not so 'in your face' as the others. 

I have never felt so strongly in love with a pair of shoes before, I'm normally quite fussy when it comes to shoes but I saw these on the shelf looking pretty and it was like they were calling out to me. I absolutely love them! They're all woolly and soft inside which is great for when it's cold and I just really, really love everything about them!
I'm sorry that the focus on some of these pictures aren't so great, my camera has been playing up recently and I'm still trying to figure out what's wrong with it. 

They have a selection of these jumpers with different animals, as a cat lover I had to get the cat one! Although I may go back and buy myself the bunny one because that was really sweet too! 

I wanted to show you the inside of this jacket It's woolly which just makes it super cosy and warm it's perfect for me to wear when I leave the house at 5.30 am for work and for when I walk in the cold.

And that's pretty much what I got, there was the odd couple of things which I seem to have put somewhere that I can't quite remember so didn't manage to put them in this post. But I absolutely love Primark around the winter time, I love me some cosy/warm jumpers and just wrapping up warm in the winter. 

I'm getting excited for Christmas! :)

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