Saturday, 27 December 2014

Happiness is a choice?

This image here is something that Someone who you may be familiar with 'Shay Carl' introduced to me. Not that he personally introduced it to me but having watched him and his families videos it's a topic that he has talked about quite a lot with this image in mind. 
This is one of my favourites because it's something quite personal and I think a lot of people can relate to and feel inspired by what message this picture is trying to send out. 
Now when I heard people say 'happiness is a choice' I didnt agree totally with it, because of course you get things like depression and other illnesses which can make it harder to believe this. 
I myself have never had depression but there has been some points in my life when I have been very low and very down about a number of things. The quote 'happiness is a choice' has seemed to stuck by me and it's something that I try to live by now. Somedays it's hard but the key to believe this saying is to actually 'believe' it and remind yourself and just try and see the positive in things that don't seem so positive. 
There's two ways in which you can look at things in life. Say something not so great has happened to you that day it's so easy to be so negative about it and it's so easy to ruin the rest of your day but try and focus on the positive, there's always a positive thing in something negative.
The little guy in the picture is choosing to be happy when all the others are sad. I'm not saying we always have to be happy, but the way I think of it is that you only live one life so try and be as happy as you can possibly be. 
I really do try and live by this message even though sometimes it's easier said than done but I just wanted to share this image with you and hope that you maybe feel a little bit inspired by it like I did. 
I don't think this saying is something that you either agree or dis agree with it's something that you have to believe and try out yourself and see the results. 

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