Monday, 29 December 2014

Outfit of the month

Instead of doing an outfit of the day I've decided to do an outfit of the month because after all If i'm honest I have worn this outfit quite a lot over the last month or so. One thing I'm really happy about is that the other week I found a jacket that I have been looking for for years! I've always had one in mind and this is the closest to what I had in mind. I purchased it from BHS for I think it was £65, it's so comfy and it actually keeps you pretty warm too!

The scarf is from Zara and I believe that was around £20. I wouldn't normally pay that much for a scarf but it looked so cosey and it's so incredibly soft and very warm! I think I pretty much wear it every day so It was definitely worth that money! 

My skinny jeans are from Primark which I recently got. I love skinny jeans/jeggings and they're something I wear a lot. 

My black boots are from either H&M or New Look, I think it may have been H&M! It was quite a while ago that I got these but I'm sure there's a lot of similar things to these out there at the moment. I love them, they're one of my favourite pairs of shoes that I have. The only genitive thing I would say about them is that they have those really small/thin laces which seem to come undone quite often but other than that I still love them and find myself wearing them lots! 

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