Monday, 15 December 2014

What's on my iPhone?

Hey everybody! 
I know that I'm really late in this 'what's in my iPhone tag' and honestly I don't actually have the most interesting apps on my iPhone. For some reason I'm really interested as to what other people have on their phones and wanted to do this tag myself.

So as my lock screen I of course have something Christmassy, I just love this photo! 

My apps aren't ordered in any particular way although I do use messages and Instagram the most so have out those two at the start. I then have all the typical apps like Facebook, twitter and so on. I use the weather app quite a lot, I just like to see what's going on with the weather although sometimes I don't think this app is totally correct. 
The flash torch app is really handy to have, because we all lose our keys or something in the dark don't we? 

Timehop is one of my favourite apps, I love seeing what I did a year or two ago and sometimes it can be really cringy with the things I've written on Facebook haha! 
If you play the ukuele or the guitar like myself it's really useful to have a tuner app on your phone, it's so simple to use. 

I only have a few games and Have just realised the title is 'kids games'! 
Flow free is my favourite game, it's one i will play over and over again even if I have completed all the levels.
Snoopys fun fair is 'fun' to play (see what I did there?) it lets you build your own fairground and the more money you earn the more levels you unlock and the more items you can buy. 

As someone who loves to take a lot of pictures I love discovering new photo apps. Rookie is an amazing app, with so many different photo effects to choose from. 
Aviary is also another great app, where you can easily change the lighting of your photos and you can add frames or words or anything really! 

Then for my entertainment apps I of course have blogger! Buzzfeed is a really good app to have whenever your in a situation where you need to 'wait' for something you can flick through the feed while your waiting for whatever your doing. 
This wallpaper app is great to have if you like using a lot of different wallpapers, HD photos which look great on your phone background. 
I am a dominoes lover! So whenever I order a dominoes I just use the app on my phone. 

And then for the apps that I hardly use I've moved them to the last page just so that they're out of the way a bit.  
So that's it! I don't have a lot on my phone but the apps that I do have I use a lot so I recommend them all to you! :)

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