Friday, 5 December 2014

New year, new goals?

It's the last month of  The year which means the new year is soon to arrive. And this is when we find ourselves making new goals for the next year as we like to call them 'New year resolutions' I like this idea and then at the same time I don't. 
As someone who is always setting myself new goals for the next year to come I have never been successful with those but I still make them anyway knowing that I have something that I would like to achieve. I think it's great that we set ourselves goals and things we would like to succeed with but why should we wait until the new year to do so? I think sometimes it's just an excuse so people don't have to do them 'now' maybe we are too afraid to try them at this very second? I know sometimes it makes more sense starting the resolutions after new year depending on what your goals are that might be the sensible time to start them, but I think we should try an succeed those goals as soon as we can. I know that I have a lot of bad habits that I would like to throw away and so really I shouldn't be waiting till next year to stop them I should be starting now that way I will be more successful because I can get that out of the way. 
But even so I know it's fun to make new goals to challenge ourselves and new year resolutions and whether you succeed in them or not at Least you know what you would like to achieve and you know it's always in the back of your mind and you'll find the right time to achieve those.
What are your goals/New year resolutions? 

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